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About Us

Southern Soul Breakout is distinctive programming offering insight into the views, interests, lifestyles and most importantly, musical tastes of a wide population of mass appeal.  Southern soul music has transcended race, cultures and generations of an ever-growing audience, now too large to ignore; proving to be an unstoppable force. 

It is todays' extension of classic rhythm and blues with its' own stars, own-expanding audience, day-to-day hits and thriving beneath the national radar. [DaddyBNice]


More importantly, it is our own natural resource.  It is the rising star of the music industry.  Southern Soul Breakout fills a void for an untapped and underserved demographic.  This is the discovery of an entire generation of overlooked southern soul artists and performers created from a template innovated and proliferated by legendary artists enshrined in the 60's and 70's era of soul music.  Their legacies continue and in tribute, we feel they would be proud the torch has been passed.


This is the flagship of southern soul.  As its' name implies: the breakout.  A STARBREAKERS Production, where we make the stars because we break the stars.  So, without further ado, please click-on and enjoy the shows.  This is SOUTHERN SOUL BREAKOUT, the best radio to happen to southern soul.


With our apologies to Don Cornelius: Love, Peace and Southern Soul

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